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I Heart Lesfic Sale Jade Winters Author


I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to stay focused on work this time of year. With nighttime falling earlier and the temperature getting chillier, all I want to do is log off the computer and curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket, my grouchy but lovable cat at my feet, and a book.

I need to stock up on books for winter. How about you?

Eleven authors (including me) have joined forces to keep you entertained at rock-bottom prices. Below, you’ll find all the goodies on offer.

Before I get to all the wonderful authors and their books, I should get the basics out of the way. First, this sale ends on October 27th. Second, before you click any buy buttons, please ensure the sale price matches.

Now for the authors and their fab books:


While Jade Winters has been putting words together since she was a child, it wasn’t until 2010 that she became a full-time writer.

Today, she has published a number of novels in the lesbian fiction genre as well as several short stories. Jade was born and educated in London where she studied journalism for three years at a London University.

Jade now makes her home in Dorset in the South of England with her partner and furry companions Zorro, Buttons and Zeus.

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$0.99   $5.99

Twenty-five years after a young girl goes missing from her home in South-East England, most have given up hope of ever finding closure. But when a renowned psychic has visions of a murder the police reopen the case, placing the puzzle of the ‘woodlands killer’ in Detective Ashley McCoy’s capable hands.

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MJ Duncan traded her surfboard for hockey skates when she moved from Southern California to Minnesota in 2009. When she’s not busy writing fluffy stories about lady-loving ladies, MJ enjoys reading, yoga, climbing, and spending time with her family.

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$0.99   $5.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Sparks fly the moment Bryn Nakamura lays eyes on Anna Fitzpatrick, and not in a good way. Driven, reserved, and recovering from another encounter with a life she would rather leave behind, all Bryn wants is to forget about Anna and focus on her beloved vineyard—but Fate has other plans. No matter where Bryn goes, Anna seems to be there, and despite how annoyed she is by this development, she can’t help but be charmed by Anna’s warm smile and easygoing charisma. But as carefully constructed walls come down, new obstacles take their place, leaving Bryn to question who she is and what she truly wants out of life.

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Nicolette Dane landed in Chicago after studying writing in New York City. Flitting in and out of various jobs without finding her place, Nico decided to choose herself and commit to writing full-time. Her stories are contemporary scenarios of blossoming lesbian romance and voyeuristic tales meant to give you a peep show into the lives of sensual and complicated women.




$0.99   $3.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

When Brooke Nilsson takes on the task of cleaning out her family’s old cottage, this city girl has a difficult time adjusting to life on the lake. But when she discovers her neighbor is famous songbird Hailey Reed, a singer Brooke herself admires, her tune begins to change. Can a new appreciation of family history and a burgeoning love affair change Brooke’s mind about selling her cottage?

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Adan Ramie writes romance, suspense, and speculative fiction about strong women who love other women. She lives in a small town in Texas with her wife, kids, and cats.


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BANQUET (Lesbians in Space Book 1) 

$0.99   $4.99

Rison Ecks has been sentenced to live out the rest of her life doing manual labor on a prison planet in a dark corner of the galaxy for attempting to assassinate the man who killed her lover. When her prison transport crash lands on an unplotted planet, Rison is flung into the middle of a deadly competition that no one escapes with their lives.

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Novelist and playwright, EA Kafkalas is a true Renaissance woman, having worked in the theatre as an actor, director and a producer, and as a mixed media artist with clay and acrylics as her medium. She lives on a farm in upstate NY, with two of her best friends, her vast library of books, movies, and art supplies. She spends time with Milo, her best four legged friend, and a dog named Boo. When she’s not writing about the characters living inside her head, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up some new plant-based treat or with her circle of actual friends, who have become her family and greatest support network.

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$0.99   $4.99

Major Kate Winston is a decorated officer with a promising career until she wakes up naked in the arms a strange woman with no memory of how she got there.

Alexia is from another planet sent by the elders to kill Major Winston to put off the foreseen destruction of their planet by Earth’s mistakes.

From the backwoods of Pennsylvania to New York City to Alexia’s home world, the novel weaves a tale of emotional intrigue as two women from different words struggle with their desires, and life and death decisions.

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Kelli Jae Baeli is the author of 57 books, 29 of them bestsellers. In her pages, you will find strong female characters, ethical dilemmas, realistic romantic storylines often filled with adventure and intense pacing, tempered by witty dialogue, and happy endings. All are hallmarks of her work.

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RAIN FALLS (Rain Falls series #1) 

$0.99   $6.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Two women. One, a freelance writer, editor and sci-fi author, who is also an emotionally unavailable and closeted lesbian. The other, a disabled romantic lesbian fiction writer, who believes no one will ever love her. In a writing cabin outside the tourist town of Rain Falls, Colorado, the two struggle with the temptation and absurdities their situation inspires.

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IN ABSENTIA (Rain Falls series #2) 

$0.99   $6.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

The shine isn’t even starting to wear off when things go wrong. Not everyone is happy that India and Tegan are living in sweet lesbian bliss and not everyone thinks they should be left alone to wallow in it. Christmas is just around the corner, and its largesse this year is unparalleled.

It’s up to India and Tegan to decide if these forced changes are gifts, or just dirty lumps of coal.

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PARIAHS & PRODIGALS (Rain Falls series #3)

$0.99   $6.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited


Amid some wildly comic moments and the witty repartee Baeli is known for,  Rain Falls welcomes the return of one of its favorite citizens, family secrets are revealed,  mysterious events are explained, and for some, karmic payback is at hand.




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Originally from southern California, Miranda now lives in New England and writes heartfelt romances and romantic comedies featuring witty and charmingly flawed women that you’ll want to marry. Or just grab a coffee with, if that’s more your thing. Before becoming a writer, she spent way too many years in graduate school, worked in professional theater and film, and held temp jobs in just about every office building in downtown Boston.

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$2.99  $8.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Cecily and Rorie found each other in college, but it ended in heartbreak. When a production at a community college reunites them almost twenty years later, can they leave the past behind to find happiness again? Two captivating novels celebrating one lifelong romance, at a great price!

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$0.99  $4.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

In this satisfying conclusion to the heartfelt trilogy that began in A Road Through Mountains, Rorie and Cecily are just settling down and looking forward to a quiet and predictable life together when unexpected news changes the course of their future forever. Can the twists and turns of fate finally lead to a happy ending?

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Anne Hagan is an East Central Ohio based government employee by day and an author by night. She and her wife live in a tiny town that’s even smaller than the Morelville of her first fiction series and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Anne’s wife grew up there and has always considered it home. Though it’s an ultra-conservative rural community, they’re surrounded there by family, longtime friends and many other wonderful people with open hearts and minds.

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$0.99  $2.99

Women and Healing Embrace; mostly sweet with a little spice. What’s it like to be a women loving woman in Sweetwater Texas, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Perryville Missouri or Salt Lake City Utah?


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Anika takes the long way home up soul mountain is the third lesfic title I have authored as Eliza Andrews.  The first, To Have Loved & Lost, is a story about grief, growing up, and women’s basketball, and was a runaway best-seller on Amazon in the first few months after its release.  Together, To Have Loved & Lost and Anika takes the long way home up soul mountain form the Rosemont Duology.  Paradise, written between To Have Loved & Lost and Anika, is a short and quirky novella that reimagines the Book of Genesis as a lesbian love story.  Don’t read it if you lack a playful imagination or an irreverent sense of humor.




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$0.99  $4.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited


The last thing Anika Singh wants is to go home to Ohio, but when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, what choice does she really have? She’ll go home if she has to, but she won’t stay long. Because all Marcine, Ohio, has for Anika is bad memories.

But between her ex still living in town and the dark-haired beauty she met on the plane (who’s just visiting), Anika starts to ask herself hard questions.  Questions about her past, questions about her future.  And then there’s the biggest question of all:  Is it true what they say, that you can never go home again?

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Bridget Essex

My name is Bridget Essex, and I write love stories. Many are about werewolves, vampires and lady knights; but always, they’re about two strong, courageous women who fall deeply in love with one another, living love stories that transcend time. I’m married to the love of my life, author Natalie Vivien.

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$2.99  $7.99
Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Elizabeth Grayson doesn’t want a bodyguard. She’s worked hard for her normal life, but her father, the founder of a booming seafood empire, is a prime target for his unethical competitors. When her father hires a bodyguard for Elizabeth, she’s less than enthusiastic…that is, until she meets the mysterious Layne O’Connell. Sarcastic, charming and secretive, Layne is hired to keep Elizabeth safe. But protecting her heart wasn’t in the job description.

Elizabeth’s father has been keeping secrets from her, and she’s soon going to find out that her family is stranger than she could ever have imagined: she’s descended from vampires. When Layne reveals her true nature, Elizabeth’s world is thrown upside down.

Because Elizabeth has fallen for the one person she can’t be with: the brooding werewolf who was charged with keeping her alive.

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TB Markinson is an American writer living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.

She also runs I Heart Lesfic a place for authors and fans of lesfic to celebrate and chat about lesbian fiction.

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$0.99   $3.99

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

JJ returns to her Colorado hometown after she’s promoted to turn around a dying newspaper. The only problem? She’ll be forced to work with the woman she secretly loved during her college years. Both are keeping secrets that could ruin everything. Must JJ lose everything in order to gain a life more fully her own?

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK Amazon CA  /  Amazon AUS

Okay, I know I just threw a lot of names, prices, and links at you. Take a deep breath, and scroll back up to see which of the above titles you need to add to your library. I don’t want you to miss out on getting all these fab books before the sale ends on October 27th. Act fast! Time is running out.

Happy reading!


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