March 26, 2017


Emma’s fingers are deep inside Chloe, her back arches moving against them in an unsteady rhythm. Please. Chloe is the fire of passion and lust burning inside, there is nothing left of her but the flames. Yes!

Their lips rest on each other’s without much pressure, Emma is too focused on pleasuring Chloe – whatever connotation this has right now – to turn it into an actual kiss, and Chloe is lost in the moment; she is just reaction, only instinct remains. And kisses don’t mean much for the two women now, anyway. Kisses are just the beginning: the air of freedom and the water of change. None is fitting to the moment. Please, faster! Harder!

Chloe throws her head back and moans loudly, she raises her torso supported by both her hands. The new position and the sound of Chloe’s groans send a pulse of pleasure through Emma’s body; and, even though there’s no pressure against her clit, she feels like she’s also on verge of an orgasm.

‘Emma,’ Chloe’s voice leaves her lips as a breathless whimper when Emma finds the right spot inside her. Yes. I’m almost there. Don’t stop! Chloe wants to cry these words aloud, but she can’t, not when Emma’s fingers are making her feel so much.

Both can sense the energy in the air between them and inside their bodies. It’s almost too much for the women to bear as they fight against the unavoidable culmination of this night. The ultimate fire burning them inside out feels painfully right.

‘Oh yes, yes!’ There’s urgency in Chloe’s cries.

‘You feel so good!’ Emma’s clit is aching at the need of being touched, but she can’t bring herself to stop what she’s doing in order to change their position. ‘I want to watch you come….’

Chloe’s body reacts to the words. Emma. She clenches her teeth when Emma positions herself firmly between her legs. Chloe doesn’t mind. Not when it means she now has Emma ’s body pressed against hers, creating the friction she desperately needs on her clit.


The tension is unbearable now, and Chloe can feel her body finally giving in to its release. Yes. She moves her hips faster. Faster. Yes! ‘Right there!’ She cries when Emma reaches the perfect sync.

‘C–’ Emma presses her pubic bone hard on Emma’s throbbing clit … and, finally, Chloe is there at the peak, riding wave after wave of pleasure as her internal muscles clench and go into a long spasm.

Emma moves her hips slightly to create more pressure, exactly where she needs it the most, and that’s enough to send her too over the edge. She closes her eyes as her body suddenly shudders. It’s like every atom of her body burst in flames before it all explodes.

They feel like they are drowning and they are glad they have each other to hold as they slowly come down from their high. They are suddenly earth as they ground each other.


It happened a few months ago.

Chloe was driving home from work when she saw a woman standing on the hard shoulder of a dual carriageway.

Her thumb pitched in mid-air.

Chloe doesn’t normally stop for hitchhikers. It’s basic common sense; giving lifts to strangers can be dangerous. Male or female. But on that day, for a reason she would never be able to explain, she pulled over and allowed the young woman inside her car.

Thanking Chloe for stopping, the woman said she needed a lift to the train station, then she quickly spilt out everything about herself. Her name was Emma, she was 21, and had just had an argument with her girlfriend who had thrown her out the car. Hence the reason for flagging down a lift.

They had fought because Emma wanted out of the relationship. Her now ex partner was controlling.



Emma’s mother had warned her about dating someone who tried to isolate her from family and friends but Emma hadn’t listened. That was until her ex tried to prevent her from going to her nan’s funeral.

She had finally seen the light…

Emma talked endlessly, and Chloe didn’t make any effort to stop her. Gorgeous. Besides, Chloe liked the sound of Emma’s honey silk voice.

‘You know what? We should go for a drink!’ Emma told her twenty minutes later when Chloe brought her car to a standstill outside Kings Cross station.

Later, Chloe would find out that Emma was as surprised at her own suggestion as she was. Just as surprising, was Chloe’s answer:

‘So do I.’


Emma rolls onto her back, a lopsided grin on her face. ‘Wow!’

Neither woman is exactly sure of how this started, only that there had been an instant attraction between them from the moment they first met. It’s not the events of the first night that is surprising to them, but how meaningful it was.

Chloe looks across at Emma, also smiling. ‘Wow indeed.’

They laugh and Chloe pulls Emma into an embrace … their bodies entwined once more. Wow. And, this time, the word isn’t referring to sex at all.

Love. The word pops into their heads and their lips meet in a kiss, more passionate than the ones they’ve experienced together so far. Suddenly, kissing isn’t just the air of freedom and the water of change, it also lights the fire within and grounds them together. Kissing is everything.

Wow, we’re in love.

Can you believe it?

Yes, I can.

Me too.


Copyright 2017 by Jade Winters.

All rights reserved. This short story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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