Inside Of Me

March 26, 2017

Mission Specialist Dr. Ashley Mason looked down at her experiment, but her attention was elsewhere. In her peripheral vision she saw her roommate, Captain Anastasia Zhurova of the Russian Federal Space Agency riding the stationary bike in the corner. That was part of the routine in the International Space Station, orbiting 220 miles above the Earth’s surface. Without regular exercise a person’s bones and muscles would deteriorate—rapidly. From where Ashley stood, there was absolutely nothing wrong with Anastasia’s bones, or anything else about her for that matter. Everything is exactly as it should be.

It was just the two of them on board for the time being. Colonel Alexi Levetchkin and Commander J.D. McClain had returned to Earth in the Soyuz capsule earlier that day, and their replacements weren’t due for another couple of days. That was fine with Ashley. She preferred it being just the two of them.

Anastasia was the opposite of every preconceived notion Ashley ever had about military women. Far from being stern and aloof, Anastasia was engaging, funny and understatedly beautiful with long flowing blonde hair and animated, icy blue eyes. At 28, she was sophisticated and spoke perfect, almost unaccented English. Ashley, on the other hand, was just shy of her 31st birthday and felt younger and much less adequate than her co-worker. She held two PhDs, one in biochemistry from Johns Hopkins, the other in physics from MIT, but she was far from worldly. She spoke Spanish (badly) and had only been out of the United States once, a forgettable internship in Madrid while pursuing her first doctorate. She was attractive, at least that’s what she was told. With wavy chestnut coloured hair, liquid brown eyes and a slender build, she’d had her share of lovers along the way, but none had blossomed into the kind of relationship she longed for.

Ashley tried to focus on her experiment: How asexual reproduction in aphids was affected by zero gravity. Not exactly exciting work—unless of course you happened to be into aphids. It had been a long day and Ashley was tired. She hadn’t even noticed that Anastasia had got off the bike and was now standing directly behind her. Despite her shy nature, Ashley caught her body reacting. Take me.

‘So how are our tiny passengers doing today?’ Anastasia asked, momentarily startling Ashley.

‘Oh … fine, I guess.’ Anastasia was so close Ashley could feel her body heat. Come closer.

‘My parents always told me it was only little boys that played with bugs.’  Anastasia smiled mischievously. ‘In which case, I’ve done a lot of things only little boys are supposed to do.’

Ashley gave a sideward glance. Anastasia’s forehead was covered with a sheen of perspiration from her workout and had a towel draped across her toned shoulders.

Anastasia looked up at the camera that recorded their every move and televised their actions around the globe. The only place there were no cameras was in the sleeping quarters.

‘I’m going to take a shower,’ Anastasia said. ‘Are you about done?’

‘In about ten minutes,’ Ashley replied, a mental image of Anastasia’s naked body in the shower swimming through her mind. The close quarters of the space station meant that she had seen Anastasia entering and exiting the tiny cylindrical shower on numerous occasions, but her body had always been modestly concealed by a towel.

With a sigh, Ashley turned off the light over her workstation and busied herself with putting her specimens away. It would undoubtedly be a long night, especially with Anastasia being so close, yet so far away. As Ashley entered the sleeping berth, she saw that the shower was now empty. The door to the dressing room was closed, meaning Anastasia was inside putting her nightwear on. Pity, her traitor mind was again going to undesirable—or, maybe, rather desirable places.

Ashley stripped naked and climbed onto her bunk, pulling her open-ended sleeping bag up around her neck. Sleeping in space wasn’t easy, her sleeping bag essentially kept her from floating around as she slept.

She tried to turn her mind off, but she kept thinking about Anastasia. She didn’t know much about the woman, other than the minor details she had learnt in casual conversation: Her age, that she grown up in Moscow and had graduated from the Russian Air Force academy at Monino, and that this was her first assignment as a cosmonaut. No details about her personal life. There was no mention of a husband or boyfriend and she wore no ring, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Still, there were the sly, and seemingly appreciative, glances Anastasia would shoot Ashley from time to time, the attempts to move close to her when they were alone, like back in the lab. Was Anastasia just playing games with her? Exhausted and feeling particularly alone, she drifted off into a restless sleep.



Ashley awoke with a start. She didn’t immediately recognise where she was and didn’t know if she had been asleep for 8 hours or 8 minutes.  She drifted onto her side only to find Anastasia hovering at the edge of her bunk.

‘I’m sorry,’ Anastasia said in a low voice. ‘I didn’t mean to wake you.’

‘That’s all right,’ Ashley responded. ‘Is something wrong?’

‘No …’ She seemed hesitant. ‘I … I need to tell you something.’

‘Go on,’ Ashley encouraged.

‘The replacement crew will be here in a couple of days, and if I don’t tell you how I feel now, I’ll probably never get the chance.’ She paused, ‘From the first day I met you I’ve had feelings for you.’

Ashley’s pulse raced. ‘Feelings?’

She nodded. ‘Strong ones. I can’t stop thinking about you.’

Ashley hesitated. Uncertain. ‘In what way?’

‘In every way. I don’t think I have ever met someone who is as beautiful and smart and dedicated as you.’

When Ashley failed to respond, Anastasia made to leave. Ashley quickly caught hold of her wrist and pulled her back down. ‘Wait.’

‘It’s okay. I should never have said anything. You obviously don’t feel the same way— ’

‘Shhh.’ Ashley pressed her finger against Anastasia’s lips. ‘I do. Very much. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear those words. I’ve wanted you so badly, but … I don’t know … I thought you were out of my league, and I didn’t want to risk losing you as a friend.’

‘Never,’ Anastasia soothed, gazing at Ashley reassuringly.

‘I’m glad to hear it.’

They stared into each other’s eyes for a brief moment, then Anastasia leant forward, her face lingered inches away. Her lips. Ashley had dreamt about those lips for such a long time. It was almost unbelievable that they were so near her own mouth now. Am I dreaming? It was, indeed, a possibility, but Ashley didn’t care. Dream or not she was finally going to taste her.

Anastasia’s tongue probed deeply into the folds of Ashley’s mouth and Ashley returned her kiss with equal intensity as their tongues wrestled for supremacy.

Ashley zipped open her sleeping bag and invited Anastasia inside.

Her robe was open, exposing her pert, firm breasts and taut stomach. Delicious. Ashley tore at the robe’s belt. Anastasia was now beside her. Naked. Exposed.

A faint smile played on Anastasia’s sensuous lips. ‘You’re quite the hungry tiger …’

‘And you’re my prey.’

‘In that case, are you going to devour me?’

‘Do you want me to?’

Anastasia widened her legs. ‘Do you really need to ask?’

No. No she didn’t. Ashley had never felt a woman this wet before. The heat between her own thighs increased and the need to be touched there grew intensely. The sensations were far more powerful than anything she had ever experienced, or could even imagine. Anastasia took Ashley’s erect nipple between her lips, sucking and nipping it. Her hands began to explore lower, drifting lightly over Ashley’s stomach, her sex and her inner thighs.

 Oh, God! Ashley moved her hips in order to create some friction, but Anastasia’s hands were too far from where she needed them most. Not. Close. Enough.

‘Oh God,’ Ashley moaned and bit her lower lip as Anastasia’s nails grazed the flesh just below her clit. She was already on the verge and Anastasia had barely touched her.

Touch me! Ashley might well have said that  aloud, because it suddenly happened. Anastasia’s finger slipped along Ashley’s moist channel and up to her clit, where she pressed lightly.

The slight pressure sent Ashley soaring into climax, and muffled her scream with her fist. Anastasia! She screamed inside her head, wishing she could yell the other woman’s name. But, even though they were out of view of the camera, the microphone was always active and if Mission Control heard a scream … well, that would NOT be good. Even as the waves of orgasm continued to crash through her body, Anastasia would not let up, teasing her clit, trying to coax another one out of her. Too much. She was almost there again, but Ashley knew if Anastasia kept it up she wouldn’t be able to hold in her screams.

Summoning what strength she had left, Ashley maneuvered herself and somehow managed to get her hot new lover on her back. With abandon, Ashley climbed on top of Anastasia and began her own exploration. She marveled at Anastasia’s toned, athletic body, tracing the outlines of the muscles with the tip of her finger. So much grace, so much beauty. Instinctively, she lowered her mouth to Anastasia’s labia and began to circle the area just outside her clit with her tongue—coming seductively close, but not actually making direct contact. My turn to make her beg.

‘Fuck,’ Anastasia groaned as Ashley finally grazed the tip of her clit with her teeth. Anastasia clutched at the back of Ashley’s head, trying to guide her, but Ashley was having none of it. I’m in control now. You will come whenever I want you to.

‘Fuck ME,’ Anastasia growled as she forcefully grabbed Ashley’s wrist and pushed her head aside. ‘Inside me NOW,’ she commanded.

Ashley held out for a moment, I want you to need me, to beg for me. Beg!


Finally, Ashley complied, first sliding her fingers to the very edge of her channel, then sliding two, and then three fingers inside. You feel amazing! Working slowly at first, and then  faster, Ashley relentlessly drove Anastasia closer and closer to climax,

‘Oh fuck, fuck, fuck,’ Anastasia cried, trying to be quiet, but failing.

Come for me.

Anastasia thrashed wildly as Ashley continued to work her fingers in and out.

Come for me!

Ashley didn’t know if she was just thinking it or if she was saying it out loud, and it didn’t matter at that point. Suddenly, Anastasia wrapped her hands around Ashley’s wrists, digging her nails into her flesh.

She’s coming. I’m doing it.

Ashley could feel the inner walls of Anastasia’s vagina’s muscles squeeze tightly down on her fingers and her juices began to flow. She was proud her efforts paid off.

‘Oh shit,’ Anastasia cried, this time loudly enough to be heard throughout the station, and she suddenly stiffened as climax racked her body.

Anastasia’s body continued to twitch as her orgasm began to ebb, and she purred softly in satisfaction. ‘Mmm.’

Ashley took her time to admire Anastasia with a smile.

Suddenly a voice rang out over the intercom. ‘ISS this is Houston, how do you read?’

Shit, Ashley scrambled to free herself of the covers and shot Anastasia a look as if they were two high school girls who had just got caught smoking cigarettes in the bathroom.

‘ISS this is Houston, how do you read?’

Ashley reached over and hit the radio button on the wall. ‘Uh, yes Houston, this is ISS, Mission Specialist, Mason speaking, over.’

‘ISS, Houston, it sounded like someone screamed, are you all right?’

Ashley was frightened, not knowing how to react. She glanced at Anastasia, now somewhat recovered, who floated to her knees. ‘Uh, yes, Houston, this is Captain Zhurova, sorry about that. I was making my way from the bathroom and caught my hand in the door as it closed.’

‘ISS, Houston, as long as you’re all right. Please confirm you do not require medical attention.’

‘No medical attention required.’

‘ISS, very well then. We’ll see you in the morning. Houston over and out.’

Anastasia turned and eyed Ashley conspiratorially. Ashley almost burst out laughing.

‘Shit, that was close,’ Anastasia said.

‘Not close enough,’ Ashley said, bumping noses with her new lover. My new forever. ‘How about we go another orbit?’


Copyright 2017 by Jade Winters.

All rights reserved. This short story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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