All About You

April 2, 2017

Twenty-year-old Danni Yates carefully backed the blue and white 26-foot Sea Ray out of its berth at Sands Yacht Club. On board with her was Rachel, her best friend since primary school. The blue sky was cloudless and the waters of Poole were shimmering in the morning heat, still and calm.

Both women were the very epitome of beauty; tall, toned and tanned. Their brown hair highlighted with streaks of blonde from long periods in the summer sun. The skimpy bikinis they wore showcased their athletic frames, earned through many years of running and swimming. Neither Danni nor Rachel had a partner, though both had plenty of eager admirers. As Rachel had pointed out on more than one occasion, why go to a specialty restaurant when you can have the buffet instead?

‘We couldn’t have picked a more perfect day,’ Danni said, being extra careful as she navigated through the maze of other boats docked at the marina. The boat belonged to her father, but she had been out on the water since she was little and had never given him a reason not to trust her. He allowed her to borrow the boat pretty much whenever she wanted. For her part, she had never violated that trust.

Danni gave Rachel a playful wink as she accelerated into the open waters of Poole harbour. Today, they would do their usual run around Brownsea Island. The beaches to the west side of the island, far from being touristy, were nicer for sunbathing and usually deserted.

The trip took a little over twenty minutes, but in that time clouds had begun to appear on the horizon to the south. Brief rain showers were common in the South West and if one blew up suddenly, they could take cover in the cuddy cabin in the boat’s bow until it passed.

The wind had picked up as Danni nosed the Sea Ray up towards the beach. Reaching their spot, Danni shifted the gear into neutral and Rachel quickly released the anchor. Gathering their towels and picnic basket, they alighted to the dinghy and rowed the short distance to the sandy shore.

‘I hope the rain passes to the west,’ Rachel said eyeing the clouds with unease. ‘That doesn’t look like a stray summer shower.’

‘It’ll be fine,’ Danni reassured her. ‘Besides, if things get rough, we’ll just have to go back to the boat.’

She watched as Rachel unrolled her towel and spread it out on the beach, admiring her friend’s hot body. It wasn’t the first time Danni had felt a sexual attraction to her, but she couldn’t get past the fact that they had always been just friends. Sure, they were probably closer than a lot of married couples; after all, Rachel knew everything about her … well maybe not everything. And there were subtle indications that maybe Rachel had feelings for her too; sometimes Rachel stared at her just a little longer than normal when she got out of the pool, or sat a little closer to her when they were at a movie or a restaurant, letting her hair innocently brush up against Danni’s bare shoulder. Or maybe it’s just my imagination.

Danni turned on her mp3 player and played the Adele album they both loved. She lay back on her towel beside Rachel and closed her eyes against the glare of the sun. She had only been lying there for a few minutes when a flash of lightning lit up the sky, far closer than they expected, causing them both to jump.

‘Shit!’ Rachel exclaimed. ‘That was close.’

‘Yeah, maybe too close,’ Danni replied, becoming alarmed. ‘I think we should go.’

They gathered up their belongings and rowed back to the boat, using the swim deck at the stern to hoist themselves aboard. The Sea Ray had a cabin in the bow that had a small galley. Theoretically it could sleep four, but in reality it was better suited to two—if you were careful to watch your head. They managed to get everything under cover just as the first fat drops of rain began to splatter loudly upon the deck.

‘Whew! Thank God we made it,’ Rachel said.

Danni rolled her eyes. ‘Trust this to happen on the one day we don’t check the weather forecast.’

‘I know.’ Rachel sighed. ‘There goes our afternoon of sunbathing.’

‘Well, at least we have snacks … and wine,’ Danni said, pulling a half-full bottle from the mini fridge. ‘I think we have a deck of cards in here somewhere.’

‘Ooo what more could a girl want,’ Rachel said laughing.

‘Beggars can’t be choosers.’ Danni took a swig of wine straight from the bottle, not bothering with a glass.

‘Suppose not. I’m soooo pissed off. This is the last day we’ll have to chill out before we have to go back to University and the weather’s crap.’

‘I know,’ Danni said feeling her heart sink to her stomach.

Both women were in their final year at the University of London and who knew what would happen to their friendship when they graduated next spring? Would they stay in touch, or just slowly drift apart as friends sometimes did? That scared Danni more than anything else. What will I do without Rachel?

If she were honest with herself, Danni saw Rachel more than just a friend. I’m in love with her. She had known this for a while now, but she was too scared to make a move. What will happen if I do? She might freak out if she finds out I’m a … lesbian. Danni’s stomach turned over, it was the first time she had ever used that word. The first time she had admitted to herself that she was indeed gay. Realising this only served to unsettle her even more.

‘I have an idea,’ Rachel suddenly said with a mischievous grin on her face.


‘Remember when we were in school and we used to play Truth or Dare at sleep overs?’

‘Are you serious?’ Danni laughed. ‘You want to play Truth or Dare now?’

‘Why not?’ Rachel asked almost indignantly.

‘Is there any point seeing as we know everything about each other?’ At least almost everything.

‘You might be surprised,’ Rachel said mysteriously, grabbing the bottle from Danni and taking a long drink from it.

If she knew what’s on my mind, that’s the last game she’d want to play.

‘Okay, Okay, you win,’ Danni replied, ‘but I go first.’

‘Done.’ The boat had started to rock on the waves and the rain beat down harder, causing Rachel to peer out of one of the portholes at the tempest outside. ‘I hope this boat is going to stay afloat.’

‘Don’t worry,’ Danni soothed, downing a gulp of wine herself, ‘we’ll be fine. Okay, first question.’

‘I choose truth.’

‘Did you really just talk to Jason Price at that party, like you always claimed, or did you guys do more after you closed the bedroom door?’

‘Yes, we just talked,’ Rachel admitted. ‘I didn’t even fancy him. He just went on and on about some stupid video game he loved and I just fell asleep.’

‘Aw, that was rubbish,’ Danni pretended to look dejected but she was relieved. She had been heartbroken that night. Jealous that Jason was doing the very things she herself wanted to do to Rachel. ‘I was hoping to get some juicy details.’

Rachel pulled a face. ‘Yuck! Now you.’

‘I’ll take truth, too.’ Let’s keep it safe. For now.

‘All right, who is the one person you find yourself most attracted to? It can be male or female. I won’t think any less of you,’ Rachel said, looking slyly at her.

Danni really didn’t know what kind of answer Rachel expected, or why she had even asked the question in the first place. Must be the wine. Danni let out an audible sigh. Did she dare tell Rachel the truth? But what will she think of me? It might finish our friendship. But, on the other hand, if she didn’t, Danni would have to resign herself to never knowing what could have been, and that would be worse than Rachel finding out the truth.

‘You,’ Danni suddenly blurted out.

Rachel’s eyes widened.  ‘Me?’

‘Yes you,’ Danni said simply. Now that she had said it, it was easy to say it again. I can’t believe it took this long for me to be honest. ‘The one person I’m most attracted to is you, and I have been for a long time.’

So there it was. She couldn’t take it back now.

‘All right,’ Rachel said slowly. ‘I know it’s your turn, but I have a dare for you.’

‘Come on, Rache,’ Danni said, her voice heavy with disappointment. She didn’t know what she expected really, surprise, anger, rejection … or maybe, hopefully, an indication that the feelings were mutual, not ‘I have a dare for you’. Maybe she’s embarrassed and wants to change the subject.

 If she was in Rachel’s position, having her best friend confess she had feelings for her would have made Danni want to change the subject too. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable though.

‘No, really,’ Rachel said with determination.

‘All right, what is it,’ Danni said with a slight shake of her head.

‘Kiss me.’

‘What?’ What?

‘You heard me. Kiss. Me.’

Danni’s heart skipped a beat when Rachel closed the gap between them, so their faces were barely inches away from each other.


‘Are you going to do it or not?’

When Danni failed to respond, Rachel leant in and pressed her lips against Danni’s. Then Rachel’s silky smooth tongue parted Danni’s lips. Wow… this feels even better than I thought it would. ‘Rache,’ Danni whispered when they broke the kiss, ‘I’ve wanted you for so … so long.’

‘Me too. We’ve wasted so much time, but I didn’t know how you felt and I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I don’t think I could bear it if I lost you.’

‘Never. I love you, Rachel,’ Danni said with tears in her eyes.  I’ve waited too long to say that out loud.

Rachel pulled Danni into an embrace and took the lead, planting her lips all over Danni’s face; kissing her lips and her nose, nibbling her ear, nuzzling at her neck. Meanwhile Danni used one hand to steady herself on the seat while the other searched out the knot holding Rachel’s bikini top on. Skillfully untying it with her free hand, she pulled the top down to reveal Rachel’s small but well-proportioned breasts. She is so hot!

‘Rache, you are so beautiful.’ She lowered her head to Rachel’s breasts and began sucking at her tiny pinkish-brown buds, causing Rachel to gasp and arch her back.

‘Shiiiiit!’ Rachel cried, grasping at the back of Danni’s head, her finely manicured red nails entwining themselves in her hair.

A shiver travelled through Danni’s body, making the pressure between her legs ache.

‘Oh fuck, Rache, you feel so good,’ Danni moaned, moving her hands lower to remove Rachel’s bikini bottom, which slid off easily. I need you, Rache.

‘I’ve got another dare for you,’ Rachel said between breaths. ‘I dare you to make me scream.’

‘Happy to oblige,’ Danni purred, sliding between Rachel’s open thighs. She quickly undid her own top.  I can’t believe we’re are actually doing this.

Danni wasted no time and set about satisfying the dare. Burying her lips in Rachel’s smoothly shaved pussy, inhaling the intoxicating scent as she did so. She tastes delicious!

Danni ran her tongue up and down the slick groove, pausing only briefly at the top and bottom to flick her tongue slightly, drawing a little gasp from Rachel each time.

As Danni’s tongue caressed and teased her, Rachel squeezed and stroked her own breasts.

‘Oh, Danni, Danni,’ Rachel cried through tightly clenched teeth. ‘Oh please. Make me cum, make me cum.’

Rachel rocked her hips in time with the movement of the boat. ‘Fuck … please,’ she continued, pushing herself hard against Danni’s mouth.

‘Ahhhhrgh!’ Rachel screamed, her voice rising above the noise of the storm and the howling wind outside as her orgasm seized her body.

You are beautiful.

It was a full minute before Rachel regained her composure and she drew Danni up onto the cushions beside her. ‘Your turn now,’ she said softly, pushing Danni onto her back. Rachel pressed down with the palm of her hand, caressing Danni’s lower stomach and paying attention to the gentle curving of the flesh as it gently rose to the area just above her pelvis before sloping down toward the labia.

Danni had no idea that area could be so sensitive and she shivered with anticipation, slight gasps emanating from deep within her, as Rachel’s hand moved back and forth over the area. She bit her lower lip and placed her hand gently over Danni’s, willing it ever lower, towards her sex.

‘Please,’ she whispered. Take me.

‘Please what?’ Rachel asked innocently.

‘Lower please.’ Take me, Rachel! I can’t stand waiting any longer.


‘Yes,’ Danni could barely stand it. Oh God.

‘Lower where?’ Rachel teased.

‘Here!’ Danni guided her hand to where she wanted.

‘What? Here?’ Rachel asked, pinching Danni’s clit lightly with the tips of her nails.

‘Argggh!’ Danni shrieked, unable to contain herself.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this excited before?’ Rachel said. ‘Seems you like it when I do this.’ She pinched again, a bit harder this time.

‘Oh God, yes!’ Danni shouted, extremely aroused, but growing frustrated at Rachel’s teasing.

‘Naughty, naughty,’ Rachel chided mockingly. ‘Shall I show you what happens then you’re naughty?’

‘Yes, anything. Just don’t stop touching me.’

Rachel’s mouth was on hers again. Her tongue probing as her fingers rubbed Danni’s swollen clit, before she inserted her middle two fingers inside of her. Rachel thrusted slowly at first, then harder, faster—rhythmically. She’s going to kill me. Oh God. Please, Please, Please!

As if preordained, a bright flash of lightning, followed almost immediately by an enormous clap of thunder shook the boat as Danni’s orgasm hit simultaneously. ‘Oooooh, FUCK!’ she screamed. ‘Oh, oh, oh,’ she panted over and over again, as wave after wave of orgasm washed through her body.

Finally, the seizing subsided leaving her body and mind drained and her skin over-sensitive to even the slightest touch. Rachel gently laid her hand on Danni’s thigh causing her to twitch involuntarily.

‘Mmm, sounds like the rain might be letting up a little,’ Rachel said running the tip of her finger slowly along Danni’s jaw. ‘Do you think we should head back?’

‘No way,’ Danni said, suddenly rising and straddling Rachel. ‘Game’s not over yet. Wait ’til you see what my next dare is.’


Copyright 2017 by Jade Winters.

All rights reserved. This short story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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