10 Annoying Cat Habits

June 26, 2015 2 Comments

It’s a good thing cats are so cute and adorable, as some of their habits can make us laugh one minute and drive us to tears the next. Fortunately the tears only last for moments, until their next hijinks.

Here are 10 annoying habits of cats that have us questioning our love for them on a regular basis. 

Sleeping in our drawers.

While this can mean literally sleeping in our drawers, cats have an annoying habit of finding the softest place to sleep, and that means in our underwear drawer as well.

They’re indecisive.

One minute our cat wants attention, the next they’re biting our hands as they want us to stop.

Not waiting their turn.

They’ll lick the cream on your plate, even when you haven’t finished eating your food.

They need glasses.

We buy the largest possible litter tray for them, full of kitty litter, but we still find poo on the floor two feet from the tray. It’s like they use a measuring tape.

Using the bed as a towel.

Cats will run inside from rainy weather, then trample all over your nice clean bed with their wet muddy paws, without any consideration.

Failure to perform.

The cat will perform a cute trick on demand, such as shake a paw, fetch, or jump up on a stool for a treat, but when our friends are over, will they do it? Nope.

In and out.

At an early age cats learn that the best day’s entertainment is to allow you to let them outside, then whine to be let back in again seconds later.

Gourmet meals.

We spent a lot of money buying the tastiest cat food for our feline friend, yet shortly after we buy in bulk, they turn their noses up at the food they previously loved.

They bring you gifts.

Cats love to repay your kindness with tiny little gifts. It’s just that furry feathery dead animals aren’t our idea of a great gift, and worse, we’re expected to eat these little critters, at the risk of offending our dear kitties.

They like to redecorate.

You’ve done your best to place the valuables out of sight, but somehow they still get into the cabinet to knock over your favourite ornaments and dishes.


  1. Amy My little princess brings in birds still alive The last one was night than her delicate frame, I think it was a crow. It wasn't easy to let it back out. I love my kitty. Muddy footprints and all
    28th June 2016 at 4:21 pm · Reply
  2. Sheryl Mann My boy brings in small snakes and drops them in the hallway for me to play with. If I tell him I am NOT giving him any more food, he tackles me from behind as I walk away (mostly with soft paws).
    5th January 2017 at 11:31 pm · Reply

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