My Story Of You


Things could not have started off  much worse if it had been planned. My first day at work was a complete disaster! Not only did I mess up the computer database, I managed to spill scalding hot coffee over a colleague’s important report. Rushing to grab as much kitchen roll from the small kitchenette as I could— I bumped into you full force, nearly knocking you over. The cold look in your eyes was enough to freeze the sun. You spoke harsh words to me before brushing me off as if I was an annoying flea as I tried to apologise. I felt humiliated and wanted to run out of that office so fast. But I couldn’t—the chains of life that had wrapped  themselves around my throat bound me. Bills and a mortgage to pay meant I had to hold back the tears and swallow my pride. I thought about you for the rest of the day. How could somebody with such beauty be such a bitch? I prayed that I would never have to see you again. Little did I know  that prayer was never going to be answered, as I found out later that day, to my dismay, you were my new boss.


Whoever said first impressions always last couldn’t have been more wrong, especially when it came to you. I hadn’t seen you for a few weeks after our initial meeting as you’d been in training. I’d not given you much thought if I’m honest. I’d thrown myself into my work, trying to be the best advertising executive I could be. Then, there I was again—rushing, trying not to be late for a meeting with all the big bosses. As I swung around the corner, I just managed to stop myself before I banged straight into you again. You looked at me with those deep green eyes with amusement.

‘Am I going to have to wear body armour every time you’re around?’ you said with humour in your voice. Then you smiled. Oh my god—that smile— it sent shivers down my spine. I remember saying something unintelligent and you opened the door for me, giving me the signal to enter before you. You sat at the long conference table whilst others talked on about an upcoming project. I barely heard any of it as I was so focused on you. Several times our eyes met fleetingly, neither wanting to look away. Then you took to the floor and gave a presentation that blew the whole room away. You were dynamic. You had so much energy, everybody had moved from slouching into an upright position—their bodies alert, their minds enthralled by what you were saying. Then you were calling out the names of people who were going to be in separate groups on the project. Finally, I heard my name being called and you said I was going to be working with you.


You worked us hard during those first few months, but you also played hard. You arranged weekend events for our team. Not like the mind numbing corporate stuff that I’d attended with other companies that nearly bored us to death with team building exercises. With you we drove range rovers over rough terrains, we had flying lessons over the west coast, gambled in top London casinos and dined in Michelin star restaurants. All this time you stayed close to me. I was, as you called me, “your rock”. You never spoke much about your personal life, you were a very private person. Nobody really knew much about you.

I remember that Friday like it was yesterday. You’d arranged for our team to stay at a luxury hotel in Devon. You said we needed to finish the project urgently as you had to go away shortly. We were more than happy to oblige. It was then that I noticed that you were looking a bit paler than usual and a lot thinner. We were alone in your hotel room when I asked you about it—you wouldn’t meet my eyes as you said it was just the stress of the job. I jokingly asked you if you wanted me to give you a massage and to my shock you said yes. Once my hands caressed the softness of your skin I knew I wanted more and to my delight so did you. Our connection felt deep. I knew in my heart you were the one.


We were careful not to arouse suspicion. You mostly came to my place where we would spend the evening drinking vintage wine and making love with abandoned passion. I told you I loved you and you averted your eyes. You told me not to get so deep, this could never last. I didn’t understand why. You said that we should just live in the moment and not to think too much about the future as anything could happen. To just enjoy what we had at that moment. Although I was hurt I wasn’t too worried, I thought I would change your mind, I thought we had time.


In recent weeks you’d begun to cancel our evenings, you never gave much of an explanation of why, you just said that things were hectic in your life. One day as I was passing the local hospital I saw you coming out. You had your head down and didn’t see me. You walked straight past me, lost in your own world. I didn’t mention seeing you as I thought if you had anything to tell me you would tell me in your own time.

We finished the project two months ahead of schedule. The managing director had arranged for a celebration party. He was over the moon. It was going to be a big do and we were to invite our partners. I wasn’t too bothered about that because you were going to be there anyway. You called me on my mobile phone as I was about to leave. I was wearing my favourite dress that you’d bought me. You said you needed to speak to me urgently, there was something I needed to know. Frantic, I rushed to meet you, my mind flashing back to seeing you at the hospital. It would explain everything; the weight loss, the moodiness, breaking dates. I steeled myself for the news. I knew in my heart that I would look after you until the end.

 I met you in my local bar. You’d wanted to meet somewhere neutral. You were always good at damage control. There were tears in your eyes as I sat down. I tried to take your hand but you withdrew it. You couldn’t speak; I could see you were scared to say the words as it would make it a reality. Therefore, I spoke for you. I told you I knew. You looked surprised. I told you I had seen you leaving the hospital. You said you were sorry—so much humility. You were the one going through it, yet you still put me first. Then you told me in your own words, and my life changed forever.


When the day came, I held my head up high. I attended because it was something I had to do in order to move on. As I walked through the church door I thought my heart would break. I began to cry when I saw you. Not only because I’d lost you  but because you were such a beautiful pregnant bride.

Copyright 2013 by Jade Winters.

All rights reserved. This short story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. All characters in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.